Transition Workshop Materials

Our introductory sessions about the changes to expect with the new financial system ended in June 2008.

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Chart of Accounts


Provides an overview of the new chart of accounts. Learn how to go from CUFS account numbers to PeopleSoft chart strings. We will provide examples.

- Recall that CUFS account numbers are being replaced by chart strings
- Recall that chart strings are combinations of chartfields
- Understand the general purpose of some of the chartfields
- Generalize ways that chartfields can be combined for different types of transactions
- Articulate their position within levels 3-6 of the DeptID tree
- Formulate relevant questions about the Chart of Accounts



Provides an overview of new purchasing policies, practices, systems and organizational changes.

Budget and Spending Mechanics


Learn the types of spending and budget controls that are associated with chart strings.

- Budget Framework
- Budget Rules and Mechanics
- Budget Adjustments
- Budget Preparation
- Process Changes

What's New with General Ledger?


Explains which processes are changing or staying the same for General Ledger. We will discuss security, workflow, data access, journal spreadsheets, and journal entry.

Using the COA Crosswalk Tool and Chartfield Request Form


Use the COA crosswalk to:

- Search for PeopleSoft chart strings using CUFS account numbers
- Search for CUFS account numbers using PeopleSoft chart strings
- Find PeopleSoft account codes based on the CUFS object, revenue, or balance sheet codes

Chartfield request form:

- Access the chartfield request form
- Articulate reasons to request a new chartfield value
- Explain how the approval process (for a new chartfield value) will operate
- Understand the PeopleSoft tree structure
- Provide an appropriate example chart string that is similar to the requested chart string (same position on the tree)

Handling Cash and Making Deposits


You will no longer need to wait in line at the Bursar’s Office to make your department’s deposit. In this session you will learn about major changes that will simplify your life:

- How you will use the new Online Cash Receipt Ticket instead of an NUR
- How you will prepare Department Deposits and Deposit Tickets
- How you will maintain cash handling controls in your department

Security Access, Workflow/Approvals, Conversion, Reporting, and NUPortal


We’ll discuss security access to the new systems, the workflow (approvals) process, what data is being converted, how reporting on data maintained within the new systems will occur, and Café’s portal presence.

- Review security forms and discuss roles and row-level data security
- Explain workflow limits and rules
- Provide information on what is being converted into the new systems
- Explain canned and ad-hoc reporting capabilities
- Review Café’s presence on NUPortal

Accounts Payable Policy and Procedure Changes; Reimbursements; Advances


- Changes to Accounts Payable Policies and Procedures
- Processing Reimbursements Using the PeopleSoft Expenses Module
- Processing Advances Using the PeopleSoft Travel Authorization Module

Grants Overview


Will introduce users to PeopleSoft Grants Management, with special emphasis on changes to processes for Cost Sharing, F&A, Clinical Trials, Pre-Spending, and Invoicing.


If you have difficulty accessing any of the materials, please call the help desk at 1-HELP (847-491-4357), option 2